Tita 14

Quality: Hand Tufted
Composition: 100% NZ Wool
Count: 60
Ply: 6
Colours: Bruder Colour Box
Max Width: 600cm
Max Length: 1000cm
Weight: 4.5kg/m2


Hand Tufted
The design of the rug is printed on a sheet of paper. It’s outline is perforated with a needle. A canvas is stretched in a frame. The pattern is then placed on the canvas and coated with ink. The ink passes through the holes and prints the design. With help of a manual or electric gun, the wool is introduced by tufts into the canvas. The manual gun is more precise and used to reproduce a fine design accurately. It is common to use both tools on the same rug. Colours are applied one after the other. When all the patterns are done, the rug is turned over and shaved. The backing is then coated with latex glue and a finishing cloth is applied. This is done to fix the strands since they are not knotted. Pure latex or a high-end compound is recommended to ensure that the rug can be folded easily. The backing fabric glued to the backing of the rug is usually unbleached. It may be black. Some manufacturers dye the backing in the dominant colour of the design.

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